Horeca Products & Services

We are specialized in catering products and customized solutions for industrial kitchens, catering kitchens, staff restaurants, and healthcare institutions and cuisines.
We offer arrangement of large kitchen appliances, advice and customization for catering companies and institutions. Horeca Products provides Horeca Services throughout Europe. Our wide range of catering products enables us to always deliver an appropriate solution.

Project Management

Are you planning to build a new catering kitchen or are you thinking about adapting the cooking area to your needs? We will be pleased to help you to implement your ideas. Whether with a requirements analysis and function analysis, concept development and project drawings as well as quotations and installation drawings. We will be also pleased to provide advisory support preparing tender documents.

Our goal? Optimize catering operational processes
Supplier of clothing, catering equipment, catering equipment, catering furniture, glassware, tableware and assembly items.

Our advantages:
• Fast delivery
• Always competitive prices
• 25,000 items available online
• Order online without account